My little Amelia Earhart ✈️

That’s why they call him Mr. Fahrenheit


They need a team. They need a family. They need communication.


If you repeatedly behave around women in ways that cause you to contact them privately to discuss whether they were inappropriate, you are not supporting women in tech by continuing to place yourself in situations where this occurs.

Jeremy Dunck is active in several women in tech communities in…

jcsalterego is a righteous dude


Now the story of a wealthy family who lost everything,

And the one son

who had no choice but to keep them all together,

His Twin Sister

His Older Brother

His Son

His Niece 

His Younger Brother

His Brother-in-Law

His Father

His Mother

It’s Arrested Development.

Get Lucky To The Limit

Daft Punk vs. Strong Bad — Random Access Mashups






come on fhqwhgads

my brain just broke. 

God bless the internet. 


Playing like.  You know me.


I like elfs because they help Santa.

And because they help make toys for us.

And because they are always happy.

I like elfs because they are cute.

I wonder if Santa makes elfs?


My sad times is when my dog died.

And when my brothers and my mom went to Sonic without me when I ask almost every day.

And when my brothers are mean.


One day me and my brothers had to walk our dogs. So we put their leashes on them. And started to walk.

Until one of our dogs had to take care of his business. And my brothers had to pick up our dogs business.

I thought it was funny. But they thought it was gross. So then we went to the house.