I’m very pleased to introduce Fast Forward Labs.

Fast Forward Labs is an independent data technology research lab. We focus on taking technologies that are just becoming possible, and making them useful.

We believe that the existing research structures are failing in 2014. We offer companies…

Fantastic Shrimp Voyage

by jcsalterego

Fantastic Shrimp Voyage

by jcsalterego


The key to quickly navigating complex data sets is to turn them into elegant, simple visualizations that do the hard work for you. We think our new PlumTM Print does exactly that. With one glance, it’s easy way to see the relative impact of each of the five categories of metrics - usage,…

Sweet informative viz

living with lag

Jolene at 33 rpm. Hauntingly beautiful.

My little Amelia Earhart ✈️

That’s why they call him Mr. Fahrenheit


They need a team. They need a family. They need communication.


If you repeatedly behave around women in ways that cause you to contact them privately to discuss whether they were inappropriate, you are not supporting women in tech by continuing to place yourself in situations where this occurs.

Jeremy Dunck is active in several women in tech communities in…